UGears mechanical models are wonderful as they make time fly by. The assemblage of a wooden model develops logic, fine motor skills, engineering skills, and creative thinking. It’s a suitable present for any holiday; so, if you are looking for a gift for your friend, 3d wooden puzzles for adults would be a great idea. 

 The assembly of some models takes up to 16 hours and even more if you are faced with such a toy for the first time.

Features of UGears Wooden Model Kits for Adults

Wooden puzzles are not regular puzzles you always assembled. Once the model is ready, you can paint it, play with it, and enjoy its functionality. The thing is that 3d puzzles for adults give more benefits:

  • A Hurdy-Gurdy is a medieval musical instrument that plays some melodies using built-in keys and strings. It gives a decent sound quality, especially considering that it is completely made of wood.
  • You can hide real treasures or money in a Treasure Box. It is safe due to the combination lock, and no one will gain access to your secrets.
  • The Mechanoid horse can ride a certain distance, and it looks really exciting.

 Every few months, the collection of UGears 3d puzzles is updated with new gorgeous models. Recently, the UGears family has expanded. New products include Windstorm dragon, Aero Wall Clock, Atem Lab Tachometer, etc.

 All models are distinguished by interesting functionality, high quality, and the benefits that they bring to the whole family.

How to Easily Assemble 3d Wooden Puzzles?

There are several secrets to the successful assemblage of any puzzle from the UGears collection:

  • Don’t throw away instructions. In the manual, the assembly process is described step by step. 
  • Stock up with an ordinary candle. Lubricate gears or axles with a candle if they don’t work as they should.
  • Try to remove wooden parts slowly to avoid damage.
  • Don’t remove all the elements at once so you don’t lose anything.

 If you lose or break one of the elements, contact technical support and indicate which parts are missing and in what quantity. The company will send you a replacement free of charge!