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5 Australian Corporate Brands That Have Gone Global

  It takes immense effort to set up a new business. You need to acquire resources, hire skilled staff, effectively manage business operations, and think of creative ways how you…

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It takes immense effort to set up a new business. You need to acquire resources, hire skilled staff, effectively manage business operations, and think of creative ways how you can attract and retain customers.

Australian market is quite attractive for businesses. The increasing opportunities for growth attract investors from around the globe.

Local businesses try various tactics out to grab the attention of target audience and beat the competition. Branding and marketing agencies, such as BrandMatters Branding Agency, help them promote their products or services and expand their customer base.

Over the past few decades, several domestic businesses have become global due to their unique ideas, top-quality products, and effective branding strategies. Here are a few corporate brands that originated in Australia and have now become a global name:

  1. ANZ Bank

ANZ Bank was founded by Australia and New Zealand Banking Group and is headquartered in Australia. It’s the fourth largest bank in the country. This reputable bank gained customers’ trust through transparent dealings.

It facilitates customers to conveniently transfer money to the countries where it operates. Through credit cards, the bankmakes it easier for people to make payments without having to keep cash with them.

  1. Bundaberg Brewed Drinks

Bundaberg Brewed Drinks is another Australia-based business that now has an international profile. It was set up as a small family business. The company was initially known as Electra Breweries, but it was renamed as Bundaberg Brewed Drinks in 1960’s.

The business previously focused on brewed and non-brewed soft drinks. However, in 1990’s, they turned their focus to ginger beer. The company hired an in-house team to market the products and they soon targeted the US market to become a global brand.

  1. Blackmores

Blackmores was founded in Australia in 1938 as a small family-owned business that sold naturopathic health supplements. It has now become an international business with more than 1,000 employees.

The business focuses on selling supplements prepared from natural products. The health supplement company faced various challenges in the past, but through sheer hard work and innovations, the business not only survived but became a popular name in the global market.

  1. Woolworths

Woolworths is a well-known grocery store chain that originated in Australia in 1924. The supermarket has now around 1,000 stores in different parts of the world.

The shopping store now provides an online catalogue and facilitates customers to do grocery shopping from the comfort of their home.

  1. Lucas’ Papaw

The brand is recognised by its most popular product, Lucas’ Papaw Ointment. The red packaging is the trademark style of the product which is used as a treatment for rashes, burn marks, and other aches. The product is often used by makeup artists to keep artificial eyebrows and lip gloss in place.

Originally, it was a small business, but when they promoted the cosmetic use of the ointment, it didn’t take long before Lucas’ Papaw became an international brand.

To be precise, customer satisfaction is extremely important to make any business successful. Without offering quality products, the aforementioned businesses may not have succeeded in targeting the international markets.

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