Most companies run loyalty programs to retain their customers and increase customer engagement. But it’s not easy to run a loyalty program. An organization needs to put in efforts to make it successful, especially in a country like Australia where the competition is tough and companies keep coming with bigger and better loyalty programs every now and then.

In order to make a loyalty program successful in Australia, most companies promote their loyalty programs by marketing them aggressively. It works because aggressive marketing lets people know what a loyalty program is offering them and how a loyalty program adds value to a product or service. In short, marketing a loyalty program makes the customers use your brand.

When an organization sets out to promote its loyalty program, its objectives are twofold – to make their new customers aware of their loyalty programs and keep the existing customer base engaged with their targeted campaigns. This article will share three valuable tips that will be the guiding light for Australian companies who want to run successful loyalty programs. For more tips and guidelines, contact Power2Motivate Australia today.

1-    Stop Overplaying Your Discount Card

Loyalty programs are incomplete without discounts. Discounts are and will always be a fundamental part of loyalty programs. But sometimes too many discounts are not very effective. For instance, if a customer is already determined to buy your product or service, then a heavy discount being offered via loyalty programs is sort of a waste on such customers. The best way to run a loyalty program is to offer a different discount card to new customers and a different one to loyal customers who you know will purchase your product in any case.

2-    Come Up with New Ways to Make Customers Feel Special

Loyalty programs offering simple discounts do not always appeal to all customers. It’s something they have grown used to. Simple discounts do not offer an experience that stimulates the senses of customers. This is where the emotional appeal must be used to create associations with loyalty programs. Emotional and memorable connections will leave a deeper impact on customers for sure. What companies need to do is come up with exclusive offers for its loyal customers to make them feel special and different from the company’s ordinary customer base.

3-    Know Your Customer and Personalise the Program Accordingly

Brands like L’Oreal do this. They personalise their loyalty programs. Personalisation can be done easily in loyalty programs because the data collected through these programs offer companies a great opportunity to know their customers in detail. With the help of that data, brands can devise personalised and effective discount strategies and experiential rewards that are targeted towards specific segments of customers.

These three tips can make brands in Australia run loyalty programs effectively and achieve the desired results in no time. Although this is not all that can be done to make a loyalty program successful, these three tips must have given you the idea of how you need to administer your brand’s loyalty program.