Have you ever heard about someone working with a staffing agency? Perhaps you have or perhaps you simply have heard rumors and you automatically believed them. It happens. That is why we are here to set the record straight. Keep reading as we share myths about working with a MA staffing agency.

Staffing Agency

The first myth we want to share is that it will cost you a lot more money. This is completely false. In fact, it should not cost you any money at all. The business that is hiring you is paying to find you and you should not pay a dime. If the staffing agency is charging you at all, you should turn the other way and find another one because they are not a trustworthy company. A staffing agency actually wants to groom you into the best employee you can be. That means that they will even help you write your resume, they will assist you with interview skills, and they will even help you with career counseling in case you are unsure of what field you want to go in. These are all things that you can take advantage of and take advantage for free.

The next myth is that agencies are only offering temporary positions. Although they do work with companies that are looking for contract workers or workers with temporary positions, they also hike people for full-time positions. In fact, they hire almost 15 million people between temporary, contact, and employees every year. Of that number, 76% are employees. This is why this is such an important myth to forget about. As well, it’s important to be open minded so that if you did get a temporary job, it can end up leading into full-time work.

Next, the myth of a staffing agency is the only job seeking resource you need is also a myth. You should also be networking and job searching on your own as well as having a recruiting agency look for you. More heads is better than one.

The final myth we want to talk about is that job seekers are not as likely to work with an agency. The opposite is actually true. A staffing agency is able to find an employee that will fit for your business. Their job is to find someone in fact that will work perfectly with your employee and do a great job. So, the opposite is actually true. Although it will cost the business a little more money, they no longer have to spend their time and money in looking and interviewing candidates and instead just get candidates that have passed checks of theirs and a company out there knows they will do a great job.

As you can see, a staffing agency can be so beneficial not just to a business, but to someone that is looking for a job too. It’s important to take advantage of the resources they have and give a couple and call and learn which one will be best suited for you. Once you find a good and trustworthy agency, they will be able to set you up for success. For more information, contact us today.