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Employee Stress: How You, as the Employer, Can Help

It’s an all too common problem: you have some employees that just don’t seem to care. Sure, you have your star employees that are there every day and do their…

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It’s an all too common problem: you have some employees that just don’t seem to care. Sure, you have your star employees that are there every day and do their jobs with a smile, too, but when they become irritable, starting missing days or being late for work, and their usual awesome performance starts feeling rushed or phoned-in, you have a problem. It’s possible that this person is feeling overwhelmed, under-appreciated, or sick of their job. Luckily, there are ways that you can relieve the stress of the workplace for all of your employees, and make some stars out of the rest of your staff, by following these simple tips.

employee stress

Identify the Cause of the Burnout

The first thing you need to do before you can do something about it is to identify the cause of the employee’s burnout. There are quite a few causes that you should be watching for. From not getting enough support from their manager to an unmanageable workload, from working too many hours to feeling that no one appreciates them or their work, these are very real reasons for burnout and need to be addressed and taken care of right away.

Implement Stress Relief Options

Whether it’s listening to music while they work, having a casual dress day on Fridays, or finding a few massage tables for sale and setting up your own massage room in the office, finding ways for your employees to relieve stress at work is key. Make sure you encourage them to use stress relief options outside of work as well.

Provide Motivation

Providing motivation is an important part of being an employer. Whether reward or recognition is what your employees desire, giving your employees incentives that will make them want to work harder and be more productive for your business is what it’s all about. Everything from monetary incentives to planning vacations for your top employees is a great way to relieve stress and show them that you know how hard they are working and that you appreciate it.

Encourage Healthy Interactions Among Employees

No employee wants to come into work in an environment where tensions are running high and one half of the staff doesn’t like the other half. While you can’t do much about how people feel about one another, you can encourage healthy interaction among the staff that works for you. You can encourage this interaction with holiday parties, picnics, and even outings where they can bring their entire families. You would be surprised how much of a difference a simple office outing can make in the long run by motivating your employees and bringing their animosity toward each other to an end.

Healthy and happy workplaces are key to ensuring that your business runs smoothly and professionally. You depend on your staff for everything to do with running your business the right way, so where would you be without them? Take care of your employees and they will, in turn, take care of you.

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Does Your Brand’s Marketing Make Its Case?

The success of any business can oftentimes hinge on how well it does spreading the word about what it has to offer. With this in mind, does your brand’s marketing…

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The success of any business can oftentimes hinge on how well it does spreading the word about what it has to offer.

With this in mind, does your brand’s marketing make its case? 

If you are failing to let consumers know about your brand, it can lead to less sales and of course lower revenue.

This being the case, is it time to jump-start your marketing efforts?

You Might Need the Pros

In getting your marketing ramped up to drive traffic your way, you may be at a point where you need the help of pros.

That said where best to find them?

Depending on the profession you are in, you may or may not know digital marketers. If you do not have a lot of access to them, going online would be a good start.

Given many digital marketers are online and have solid websites; this would be a good place to go.

In looking for the right digital marketer, the kind of business you have is where you want to begin.

For example, if you run a law firm, having digital marketers with expertise in the legal world makes sense. You are busy running your firm and tending to clients. The right marketing pros can be orchestrating a top-notch marketing program for you.

So, whether marketing agency Utah or those closer to where you are, the goal is finding marketing help.

What to Look for in Marketing Pros

In your quest to find the right marketing professionals, do some research.

You want a digital marketing company that has:

· Years of experience helping companies like yours

· Track record of proven success

· Top-notch customer service

· Thinking outside the box

When you have the right digital marketing provider in your corner, they can do a myriad of things for your brand.

Among the focuses will be:

· Website

· Content

· Social media

· Sales

· Organic search

· Paid search

In having all these needs and more covered, your marketing has the opportunity to take off.

Client Marketing

As important as a digital marketer is to your brand’s needs, what about your clients?

Have you approached any of them to do client testimonials for you?

When you stop to think about it, the only people that know your brand better than you are those you serve. As such, having some of them tout all your brand has to offer is never a bad thing.

You may opt to draw more legal clients or clients no matter what field you are in by having them do testimonials.

An example here would be having some of them do short radio or TV commercials for your practice. Having them speak to the positives of using your law firm could land you new business with others in need.

It is also wise to ask clients to use more word-of-mouth referrals to help you get more business. If one they know needs legal services that you are capable of delivering, ask them if they’d put in a good word for you.

If your brand’s marketing has not been making its case as of late, you run the risk of missing out on more business.

At the end of the day, is that a verdict you can afford?

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How to Increase Your Credit Score

Have you had your credit score checked recently and realized it was lower than you thought? Perhaps you are trying to get mortgage and you want your credit score to…

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Have you had your credit score checked recently and realized it was lower than you thought? Perhaps you are trying to get mortgage and you want your credit score to be as high as possible. Or even, you are just trying to be smart about your finances and looking to raise your credit score. Regardless of your reason, there are many different ways in which you can raise your credit score. Keep reading to learn more.

The first tip is to always stay on top of your payments. This means if you are using a credit card, make sure you can at a minimum pay the minimum amount on it each month. This is so important that you are never late. If you are trying to purchase a home, this will show the Idaho bank that you are serious and can be trusted to make monthly payments on time. It’s even better if you are able to pay off your credit card each month. This will help to increase your credit score.

The next tip is to get your credit score checked from time to time. This will allow you to ensure that you are managing your finances and that you have no outstanding debts in the world. This can also verify that no one is using your identity and not paying it off. This can end up causing a lot of issues however if you get your credit checked annually, you will be able to get them taken care of quickly.

There are a lot of score-boosting programs out there which will help you with your credit score, if you are serious about increasing it or increasing it by a particular time, you may want to look into those more.

The next is to not get your credit score checked too often. Although you want to check it, if you check it too often this will actually lower your score.

It’s important to know when to be active in trying to get your credit score higher. For example, if you have at least a year away you may want to take out a credit card so you can pay it off right away and increase your credit. If you are only a month away, you won’t want to make any large purchases or take out new credit cards because this can hurt your credit.

Our final tip is to be patient. Increasing your credit score won’t happen overnight. Depending on what yours looked like before, it can take years to increase. If you are patient and continue to do all the right things, it will start to slowly increase in a couple months. If a mortgage lender is seeing you are doing the right things and have been consistent, they will also take this into consideration.

Increasing your credit score is not always easy. In fact, it typically is something you always work on. When you know these tips and you start following them, your credit score will start to increase. For more tips on increasing your credit score, contact us today.

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Myths About Working With A Staffing Agency

Have you ever heard about someone working with a staffing agency? Perhaps you have or perhaps you simply have heard rumors and you automatically believed them. It happens. That is…

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Have you ever heard about someone working with a staffing agency? Perhaps you have or perhaps you simply have heard rumors and you automatically believed them. It happens. That is why we are here to set the record straight. Keep reading as we share myths about working with a MA staffing agency.

Staffing Agency

The first myth we want to share is that it will cost you a lot more money. This is completely false. In fact, it should not cost you any money at all. The business that is hiring you is paying to find you and you should not pay a dime. If the staffing agency is charging you at all, you should turn the other way and find another one because they are not a trustworthy company. A staffing agency actually wants to groom you into the best employee you can be. That means that they will even help you write your resume, they will assist you with interview skills, and they will even help you with career counseling in case you are unsure of what field you want to go in. These are all things that you can take advantage of and take advantage for free.

The next myth is that agencies are only offering temporary positions. Although they do work with companies that are looking for contract workers or workers with temporary positions, they also hike people for full-time positions. In fact, they hire almost 15 million people between temporary, contact, and employees every year. Of that number, 76% are employees. This is why this is such an important myth to forget about. As well, it’s important to be open minded so that if you did get a temporary job, it can end up leading into full-time work.

Next, the myth of a staffing agency is the only job seeking resource you need is also a myth. You should also be networking and job searching on your own as well as having a recruiting agency look for you. More heads is better than one.

The final myth we want to talk about is that job seekers are not as likely to work with an agency. The opposite is actually true. A staffing agency is able to find an employee that will fit for your business. Their job is to find someone in fact that will work perfectly with your employee and do a great job. So, the opposite is actually true. Although it will cost the business a little more money, they no longer have to spend their time and money in looking and interviewing candidates and instead just get candidates that have passed checks of theirs and a company out there knows they will do a great job.

As you can see, a staffing agency can be so beneficial not just to a business, but to someone that is looking for a job too. It’s important to take advantage of the resources they have and give a couple and call and learn which one will be best suited for you. Once you find a good and trustworthy agency, they will be able to set you up for success. For more information, contact us today.

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Tips on How to Promote Your Products on Social Media

Almost every business is aware of the importance of their participations on social media platforms. They all have hopes of having an established presence and getting a lot of referrals…

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Almost every business is aware of the importance of their participations on social media platforms. They all have hopes of having an established presence and getting a lot of referrals on the social media network. However, it is not an easy task to achieve considering that the people who visit these places are smart and you also face a lot of competitions. If you are a newbie, you may be at a lost on how to utilize the social media platform to promote your products. The key is to come up with strategic ideas to put forward your products on the social media.

Integrate Social Media Icons on Your Homepage

You can put the social media icons in a place where everyone can see on the homepage of your website. In this way, people who frequently visit your site can easily follow you. If you want, you can take a step further by customizing the social media icons so that people can instantly recognize your website.

Embed Social Media Handles in Your Newsletters

If you send out newsletters, you can embed the social media icons at the bottom. This will make it convenient for people to click through to visit your social media page to learn more about your product. Usually, the newsletter service has an option for embedding social icons. If not, you can just upload a photo and and link the photo to your social media account.

Give Away Freebies on Social Media

You can offer free stuff on the social media. Free stuff not only refer to free product samples but it can also be digital stuff like ebooks, infographics, and a DIY hack in one to two pages PDF. People on social media are usually hesitant to click on any link so it is best to convert the PDF to an image like jpeg. If you are wondering how to convert pdf to jpg, the task is actually easily done through a basic PDF editor like Movavi PDF Editor. After the program is launched, click the Add Files button to load the PDF. In Pages View, select all the pages and click on the Convert to JPG, PNG, BMP button on the right. In the Save as field, select Slides. By default, the image format field will be PNG. You will have to change it to JPG by clicking on the up down arrow.

Use Shoppable Tags in Your Instagram Photos

On Instagram, you can add shoppable tag to the photos you post. For example, if you post an interior design photo, you can add shoppable tags to the furniture. If someone wants to know where they can get the furniture, they simply need to click on the shoppable tag to visit the online store. It can lead to big sales considering more than half of smartphone users have a habit of doing shopping through their mobile devices.

Offers Social Only Discount

Every now and then, you can run a promotion by offering social only discounts. The easiest way to do this is to post a promo code along with instructions on how to redeem the discount. Social only discount has a start and end promotion period. If you have limited giveaways, you can launch a flash deal that last for 24 hours.

Organize a Contest

You can set up a contest and ask people to submit photo entries of how they enjoy your product. You should set a prize for everyone including those that did not win. In this way, your fans will be eager to enter the cost. If it is the first time you organize the contest, you can make it easy for the participants to enroll and win a prize. You can create a user generated contest and use a hashtag tracking tool to monitor the contest campaign.

Write Unique Posts for Each Social Network

On every social network, you should write unique posts based on the audience there. For example, the audience at LinkedIn is different than the audience on Instagram. Same product photos can be used but the content of the social media posts should be completely unique. Before start posting on a social media, you should do research on its audience. You should check if the visitors use a specific slang in their posts, the age group of the audience and etc. For example, you can focus on using memes and gifs to promote your products on Snapchat where the majority of the customers are young.

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A Better Way to Improve B2B Sales

Not long ago, B2B sales was easy: A business identified a problem and reached out to a potential vendor to inquire about a solution. However, since the internet has grown,…

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Not long ago, B2B sales was easy: A business identified a problem and reached out to a potential vendor to inquire about a solution.

However, since the internet has grown, businesses no longer immediately reach out to vendors for solutions. Instead, businesses will research their problem online, uncover a bevy of potential solutions, check with business partners, professional networks and friends for recommendations, read online reviews and complete a number of other preliminary steps before contacting a knowledgeable B2B. What this means is that B2B sales efforts have become unpredictable, with a mishmash of traditional sales and innovative marketing techniques driving leads down the funnel.

If your B2B is struggling to boost sales, you might be suffering from this new chaotic structure within the B2B market. Thus, it will benefit you to learn about the new B2B buyer and what they want from the sales experience.

Who Are B2B Buyers?

You might be tempted to answer this question with “businesses,” but you likely already know that isn’t true. An entire organization rarely does any single action; rather, there are specific employees within the organization who make buying decisions. It’s important to market to these individuals specifically to generate sales.

However, B2B buyers change frequently. The same individuals you might have contacted before have likely moved up and out of those positions, leaving room for a new generation of B2B buyers. Indeed, research shows that younger professionals between the ages of 18 and 35 make up the majority of B2B buyers, so if you don’t know how to sell to this demographic, you need to learn, fast.

What Do They Know and What Do They Want?

In general, younger professionals rely heavily on digital technologies, especially in the buying process. An astounding 94 percent of B2B buyers conduct research online before making a decision, even when the purchase is intended for organizational as opposed to personal use. Unsurprisingly, as a result, modern B2B buyers are likely to take roughly 22 percent longer to reach a decision regarding their business purchase.

This behavior is largely because modern B2B buyers are exceedingly skeptical of the sales and marketing messages they encounter. Because sales reps will always push their sales agenda rather than honestly help solve a problem for as little money, time and energy as possible, most buyers look elsewhere before they have to encounter your sales team. Even then, they much prefer sales reps who don’t apply pressure during the sale or hassle them when following up with leads.

Additionally, there are often more people involved in the business purchase process these days. While younger professionals are tasked with performing research and pulling the trigger, they must receive approval from a series of higher-ups. Thus, attracting and convincing the contact is important, but you must do the same for superiors in the company, too.

How Do You Sell to These Buyers?

In truth, there is no single procedure that will guarantee you a greater volume of B2B sales. Instead, you should be practicing account-based marketing and selling, which allows you to target members within an account and produce dedicated marketing and sales plants to win their business. Account-based strategies look different for each business and each buyer, so it helps to have experts and specialized tools to manage your efforts.

In addition, you should strive to enable your buying audience with information. They are already seeking info about potential solutions, so by offering that info — without the pressure to contact your sales team — you can pull B2B buyers to your online assets, like your website’s blog or social pages. Just by taking advantage of this information, buyers are more likely to remember your business when they prepare to contact potential vendors.

To perform account-based strategies well, you will need to align your marketing and sales teams toward the same goals: increasing brand awareness and increasing deal size, as opposed to getting as many leads as possible to convert. You might have your marketing team educate your sales team on available content, so sales reps can point buyers to these resources for additional information. In turn, your sales force can feed your marketing department data on specific pain points felt by buyers, so the marketing content can be laser-targeted.

B2B sales aren’t the walk in the park they used to be, but that doesn’t mean your business is doomed. By shifting your efforts to accommodate the preferences of the modern buyer, you can win even more accounts than ever before.

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4 Major Risks in Contracts — and How to Mitigate Them

Contracts serve to reduce business risk. By spelling out your agreement in plain language for all involved parties to read, you can become all but certain that you will benefit…

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Contracts serve to reduce business risk. By spelling out your agreement in plain language for all involved parties to read, you can become all but certain that you will benefit from a business relationship.

However, that’s not to say that contracts are utterly risk-free. Indeed, there are four main risks that most businesses encounter during the contract process, and when not properly mitigated, these risks can negate any positives you might have gained from the contract.

Instead of wasting time and energy making major contract mistakes, you should read on to learn about the ever-present risks in contracts and the best ways to combat them.


The first risk involved in the contract process is negotiation because it is during this phase that you might neglect to pursue what you truly want and need, that you might lose value in the relationship you are trying to forge and that you might waste a significant amount of time and resources. Too often, you become an expert at contract negotiation through years of poor negotiation, but that virtually guarantees years of less-than-optimal contract performance for you and your business.

You should understand and practice the rules of effective negotiation when the stakes are low, so you can be sure your most important contracts are perfect from the beginning. When you are less experienced, you should rely on those with more experience to guide you through negotiation — even of those more experienced are your underlings. Finally, make sure you are doing the math at each step of the negotiation to ensure you are getting what you need at the costs you can handle.


Some contracts aren’t worth signing — but are you capable of differentiating these from the contracts that benefit you? Sometimes, the line between good and bad contracts is hair-thin, and if a contract falls on the wrong side, you might be wasting resources in tracking and fulfilling it. This inefficiency can cost you big, especially if more than your share of contracts aren’t great.

Exari’s contract management system is a great solution for reducing inefficiency and ensuring your contracts are of optimal use. Tools like this one will track the content of your contracts as well as the timelines of their execution. This means you can easily compare one contract with another to determine whether you are receiving a comparable benefit, and you can better understand when different milestones will come due, so your business can adequately prepare.


Unfortunately, even with a contract in place, there will always be a risk that the party you are working with fails to deliver on their written promises. In truth, it is impossible to control the actions of an outside party, and it’s more than likely that you will endure at least one non-delivery during the life of your business.

Still, there are ways to ensure peace of mind with regards to delivery of promises. For one, you should keep copies of negotiation conversations as well as drafts of all versions of your contract. In a contract lifecycle management program, these documents can be kept safe digitally, so they won’t be lost when the need arises. What’s more, software will allow you to search relevant documents for keyword phrases to bolster your case. Hopefully, you can use your evidence to get what you want from the other party without legal intervention.


Then again, it is equally possible that you might not be able to uphold your end of the bargain. While you have total control over what you agree to and how you perform, sometimes businesses have higher hopes than they have capacities — the topical Fyre Festival is a good example of this. To reduce this risk as low as possible, you should be realistic during negotiations and avoid signing up for a project that is too big to handle.

Additionally, you can rely on contract management tools to keep you on track. Sometimes, non-delivery occurs not out of malice but rather from disorganization. Software tools can convert contractual obligations into tasks and push these to you and your team in a timely manner. Then, you should have a better chance of fulfilling your promises and hit your deadlines — and avoid costly lawsuits from unsatisfied parties.

Risks exist — there is no business that is totally risk-free. However, by planning ahead, acquiring the right tools and committing to your contracts, you can reduce your risk and gain even greater rewards.

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The Benefits of Getting a Professional Business Valuation in New York

Most business owners assume that a business valuation in New York is only important when selling. However, a good busines valuation gives the owner much more than the current value….

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Most business owners assume that a business valuation in New York is only important when selling. However, a good busines valuation gives the owner much more than the current value. It can also show the value of the company against factors such as market competition, income values, amongst other factors.

Pre-Sale Planning

A professional business valuation in Manhattan is a must when deciding on selling a. It allows the business owner to identify key drivers that contribute to the value of the business and those that need to be improved. Having a company perform a business valuation before you sell can give you the time to adjust so that you can get a better price for your business.

Even though there is some level of subjectivity expected in every valuation, the data presented is very useful in negotiating a higher price. Without this data, a business owner may appear to be fumbling with facts during the negotiation process. Presenting this data in black and white can inspire confidence in the buyer and the seller alike as they work towards a deal.

Understand Value of Assets

In many formal business processes estimates are not considered since they are taken as intelligent guesswork at best. Simple data such as asset value, market value, and income and profit statements are not always enough.

You need a clear evaluation of your assets for certain business processes such as when getting an insurance. Insurance companies require a document that shows the true value of the business. Many of these companies may also require that the document is up to date.

Third Parties will still Evaluate Your Business

It is important to realize that third parties will inevitably perform a business valuation on your business whether or not you acquire a professional business valuation in NY. Since third parties do not have access to all the data, they’ll simply use what they can evaluate the business implicitly or explicitly.

Without solid data from a professional business valuation, the third parties will assume their data is representative of what your business is worth. This is not only a disadvantage when selling your business, but it can impact you negatively in other ways, for example when approaching a lender for a loan.

Preparing for the Unexpected

Businesses need to navigate difficult situations quickly to avoid stagnation that can negatively affect the business’ future prospects. Often in the business world, certain situations may occur that the owner had not anticipated. For example, they may be disputes between the shareholders of the company. Having an up to date valuation of your company can in many cases allow the owner of the business to quickly navigate this issues.

Its Good Business Practice

A professional business valuation in New York aims to assess the risk and determine the real value of the business. This way the managers can have the data to pinpoint where the weaknesses are and areas with great potential. In case the owner needs to sell the business or get a loan, there will be adequate time to prepare and address the issues before approaching lenders or buyers. Valuation allows the company to make realistic expectations and be more proactive in tackling the issues it faces.


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Online Marketing for Small Business That Works

Online marketing is no longer an area of marketing that small businesses can ignore. The results are saying that it is one of the most effective forms of marketing and…

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Online marketing is no longer an area of marketing that small businesses can ignore. The results are saying that it is one of the most effective forms of marketing and small businesses must master its use or be left behind by competitors who do.

Here are two important types of online marketing that small businesses should focus on today.

Enterprise SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is the highly regarded Approach of using specific tools and strategies to assist a company in getting its website and web pages listed high on internet search engines. Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other top search engines all use specific Algorithms for how they order the list of web pages that come up in a web search. Algorithms are constantly changing and take into account many different factors including keywords, popularity of a website, quality of the content on a website, another relevant factors.

The most sophisticated types of SEO is usually carried out by online marketing firms who specialize in the discipline. SEO can be International or localized depending upon the focus of the business. In terms of local SEO one very important area of importance is to Getting names and mentions of the website on other websites no. These are called citations and assist in the rankings of a website.

Some companies specialize in helping to build the citations in an above the board way. This is called White Label citation building. Navads is a company that specializes and white label citation building and Companies can utilize Navads citation building option to help increase search engine ranking. Navads can also ensure that information about a company is correct so that when it appears on other websites like mapping software including Google Maps, Apple Maps and Waze for example, it appears accurately and provides the correct information and always leads back to the company’s website.

Social Media Marketing

If traditional Market is it looking where everyone is gone, they need to look no further than social networks. Today’s social networks track more than two billion members visit websites like Facebook, weather, and YouTube, for entertainment, news and to socialize with each other. Smart companies of all sizes need to furiously create engaging marketing campaigns on social media websites. Marketing to members of social networks is very different than traditional marketing. Instead of putting the product out front, companies must develop a relationship with the social network member, utilizing their brand.

This often means developing video content that can engage members and get them interested in the company before its products or services. Once the member feels comfortable with the brand, he or she is open to discussing products and services in creating a customer relationship with the company. This type of customer building takes more time and attention, yet with a larger market available, the energy and effort can often be worth it.

SEO and social media marketing are two of the hottest and most effective styles of marketing today. Take the time to invest in learning how to utilize each effectively and it will increase your company’s bottom line.

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Great Reasons to Visit Paris

Paris is certainly one of the top cities in the world based on any objective measure. It is visited by more people than any of the city and with good…

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Paris is certainly one of the top cities in the world based on any objective measure. It is visited by more people than any of the city and with good reason. The city excels at giving visitors a first class experience that is difficult to rival. Whether you are visiting the city for business or on a vacation, there are a myriad of things to engage you, entertain you, and fill you with wonder.

The best way to get around the city is to hire a luxury limo service in Paris to take you around the city and all over France if needed. Choose a company that offers sedans, vans, minibuses and coaches to make sure you are comfortable and accommodated no matter the size of your group. Here are some of the reasons why you have to visit Paris.

 The History

Since 62BC there have been people living in what is now Paris. The Romans originally settled the area and made it a valuable outpost for themselves. The city quickly developed into a hub for commerce. By the year 506 the Franks has conquered the city and ever since it has been a French capital. By 987 under the rule of the Capetian kings, Paris gradually became the largest and most prosperous city in France. By the end of the 12th century, Paris had become the political, economic, religious, and cultural capital of France and it has remained its beating heart since that time.

Throughout every period of European history since the 2300s Paris has been a key center playing an important part in every important decision and in every cultural period that emerged. Paris has been a leader. This status continues today as Paris is recognized as one of the world’s great cities.

The Culture

Paris has as many great museums, art galleries, and cultural landmarks as any other city on the planet. As you drive or walk through the streets of Paris you feel as if you are passing through a museum or art gallery based on the beautiful architecture and very recognizable buildings and attractions you will view. Here are a few that you should look to visit when you come to Paris.

The Attractions

When you choose to come to Paris there was some sights that you cannot pass up. The city excels in internationally recognized things to see, cultural experiences and attractions. Here is a short list of what you need to see and experience when you visit Paris.

The Eiffel Tower

The first must-visit attraction for you to see in Paris is known the world over as the most iconic symbol of France. Standing in the heart of the city, on the Champ de Mars its steel lattice frame represents the strength of the French and its shape pointing toward the clouds tells of the aspirations of the French to always reach skyward. .You can tour the Eiffel Tower daily and get a view of the entire city from its observation level. You can also have lunch or dinner at the Restaurant 58 Tour Eiffel located in the Eiffel Tower.

The Louvre

The Lourve is probably the most well-known museum in the world. Most people do not realize it is also the largest museum in the world. It contains thousands of exhibits including some of the most influential and important in the world. Here you can also find some of the world’s most famous artworks by many of the past and present masters. It is located on the Right Bank of the Seine River and is open daily to visitors.

Notre-Dame Cathedral

The Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the city’s most famous landmarks, It is a historic catholic cathedral located on the East side of Île de la Cité. The cathedral was built in 1163 and still attracts thousands of visitors each day because of its history, beauty and significance to the catholic religion.  Today it is a must see stop when in Paris.

Paris is a place where you can make lasting memories whether you come alone, with family or on business.

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