So you’ve got a fabulous new product that you can’t wait to launch. You’ve thought the product through, put it through testing, and you are confident that it will make a huge splash in the market. You realize that a robust marketing campaign will be imperative to blitz the consumers and create buzz, so you’ve also got that taken care of. But here’s something you may not have given as much thought to and can actually have a huge impact on the success of your product – and that’s the packaging.

Did you know that packaging alone can have a massive effect – both positive and negative – on consumers? It can move someone to purchase the item or have them turning away. So, what makes something “good” packaging? Here are five tips to keep in mind when designing packaging for your products.

How the Packaging Looks on the Shelf

If your product will appear in stores and on shelves, you need to be hyper-aware of how it will look and sit. For example, will it stand up, does it need to hang, be stacked, and so forth? You need to know that the package will appear as you envisioned on the shelf in order to grab the attention of customers and close the sale.

Product Needs to Be Clearly Identified

It’s also important that the product is clearly identified with one quick glance. Customers shouldn’t have to pick it up, turn it over, read about it, and still feel confused about what it is and what it does.

Eco-Friendly Packaging Goes a Long Way

As The Package Lab points out, eco-friendly packaging has also become incredibly important. With people being more aware of their carbon footprint and the amount of waste they generate, they are looking for products with the least amount of packaging possible and packaging that is recyclable. Some of the materials you may want to use include recycled cardboard and paper, eco-friendly plastic, resealable packaging to limit waste, organic fabrics, and biodegradable packing peanuts.

Company Logo and Product Name Should Take Priority

When it comes to the print on the packaging, your company logo and product name should take priority. Give each of these prime real estate, as this helps with branding and recognition. Don’t forget, your company logo alone can sell a product.

Packaging Should be Easy to Open

Finally, you want to take into consideration how difficult it is to get into the packaging. Customers shouldn’t have to struggle and feel frustrated with your packaging. Sure, you want the item to be safe and secure, but at the same time, you don’t want to go too far. In order to address this issue, the packaging should go through plenty of test phases first to ensure it’s easy enough to open.

Packaging that Sells the Product

By keeping each of these design tips in mind, you’ll be creating packaging that not only looks great but that can also help you to sell your product.