Summer is the time when all you can think about is getting your tan on. As soon as Sunday rolls around, you pick up your beach mat, wear your shorts and hightail to the beach. Yes, we love summer! However, sometimes this heat can be too much… for us and the planters standing in our office. Heat and humidity can do a number on these plants and destroy the beauty of your office. 

Nowadays, most offices are going green… in the manner that their walls are lined with plants and pots, as well as planters are placed everywhere. This unique green décor does not only impress the clients but is also boosting employee productivity. Employees are even placing personal plants on their desks, which reduces stress by cleaning the air around them.

Following are a few tips you can use to keep the new floor plants for your office whole and healthy until it’s time for their monthly maintenance:

Protect Your Plants from Those Blinding Summer Rays

Do you get irritated when a sharp ray of sunlight blinds you? Sun rays have the same effects on plants. The only problem is that they cannot protect themselves. Instead of placing the plants near the windows, place them strategically where sunlight does not fall directly. Change their position and where they are not in the way and safe from the sunlight.

Keep Them in Cool Conditions

There are certain areas in your office that are cooler than others. Even though they are exposed to sunlight, as the sun goes down, the temperature in that corner goes down too. Keep the windows closed during day time and only open them after 6:00 P.M.

Mist Them Every Once in a While

A little spray of water will do the plants a world of good. Just keep a bottle nearby and every morning, spray them once. Don’t overdo it or you might make the soil too wet.

Watch for Stress Signs

When a plant is dying, you will immediately see the signs. The leaves will start looking dull and develop a shade of pale brown or yellow, rough patches will form on the top leaves and some of them will start to fall. These signs can be caused by many things such as too much water, too much sunlight and the soil not being changed for a long time. Unchanged soil prevents the plant from getting the nutrients it needs to grow, which is what causes the leaves to wilt. 

Don’t Get the Plants Re-Plotted in Summer

This process involves breaking off the wilted leaves, trimming the roots, looking for any insects and more. Since the plants are already under stress, re-plotting them in summer might kill them. 

To avoid all this mess in summer, the two most important things that you need to do is get the planters positioned away from the line of direct sunlight and schedule regular maintenance to keep them clean.