Wondering Why Your Business Must Not Overlook Instagram? this post will fill you in...

It is a well-known fact that for any business to truly succeed in today’s world, they must have a strong online profile. The internet is very much the new high street and each year sees more and more consumers hitting the internet to purchase items compared with those who are visiting physical shops. The internet is not only the place where you sell, it is also the place where you can grow your business and your brand.

One such area of your online profile should feature social media and whilst many businesses are highly active on Facebook, they must not overlook the importance of Instagram, and here is why.

Second Best

Facebook is the most used of all of the social media channels and their sister site Instagram is not far behind in second place. A recent study by comScore, internet users in the US alone send just short of 12 billion minutes on Instagram each month, can you really afford to miss out on such a large market?

Purely Visual

We live in a world where content is incredibly disposable and external links and written content can be easy to ignore. Instagram, however, is purely visual and the real Instagram followers that you have i.e. those who are regularly active will be able to only see visual content from your business which means that your message will land in a better way than through links and writing.

High Average Orders

According to Shopify, the average Instagram referral order sits at $65 higher than almost all of its social media counterparts. This means that Instagram users are ready to spend on the things that impress them and if you are offering online sales, this is a tool that you need to be making the most of.

No Filter

Facebook recently began to alter their algorithm so that the news feeds of its users would show things that it considered to be the most relevant. Once the social media channel began doing this, many businesses lost great traction in terms of their organic reach, forcing many of them to pay Facebook for what they had lost by way of ads. Instagram, however, does not do this and you can guarantee that if your Instagram follower is online with regularity, they will see what you are trying to promote.

Mobile Ready

Instagram is very much designed for mobile users and you can see evidence of this in the fact that you are still unable to post things from their desktop site. This is great news for businesses as mobile sales are growing rapidly year on year. As smartphones and other mobile technologies advance, they are in some cases replacing the tasks that we used to do on our desktop and for that reason, mobile-specific sites such as Instagram are the perfect places for you to push your business.

If you are not on Instagram yet, it is time that you were.